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Frequently Asked Questions

The bot won't answer me! What do I do?

It could be a permissions issue! Make sure the bot has the "Send Messages" and "Embed Links" permissions in that channel.

You may have changed the prefix and forgot about it! Ping @AmariBot



Amari Bot


for the current prefix in use.

You may be typing the default prefix wrong! Make sure you're actually typing :? as the prefix.

The bot is telling me I don't have permission, what gives?

You probably don't have the AmariMod role! Create a role called AmariMod (case sensitive) in your server and give it to yourself. It'll also work if you have the "Administrator" permission.

How frequently do people gain EXP with AmariBot?

Default rate is 1 EXP per message, with a cooldown of 8 seconds! Customize these rates by becoming a donator. Find the level table here.

How do I make the bot give roles at a certain level?

With the rlevel command! Example: :?rlevel add 1 epic test would give members the role "epic test" once they reach level 1. Read through :?help rlevel for more.

I configured rlevel correctly, but the bot isn't assigning roles!

In your server, check if the bot's role is above the roles it's trying to give. It cannot give roles that are above itself under any circumstance.

Members are keeping their old roles after getting a new one. Can I change this?

Yes, you can! Use the :?rlevel replace command!

To set it back so roles accumulate, keeping all roles, use :?rlevel accumulate instead.