AmariBot Donations

All donations go towards keeping the bot hosted! | Once you donate you will be allowed to use donator perks!

Command Description
:?modifyexp add <amount #> <@user> adds amount of exp to user (Needs Admin / AmariMod Role)
:?modifyexp remove <amount #> <@user> removes exp from user (Needs Admin / AmariMod Role)
:?profile color <hex color> donators can set a custom hex color Ex. #FF7F50 or #F86
:?profile bg <bg-id> change your rank background to an image
background ID's can be found in the support server
:?pmulti <#> Change how much exp each message is worth (default 1) (Owner Only)
:?cooldown <#> Change how long the cooldown is between gaining exp (default 8) (Owner Only)
:?king <weekly/main> <@role> King of the hill! User in first place will be rewarded with a role.(Owner Only)BETA
More Coming Soon...